"Very lively and instructor’s knowledge was great! Thank you so much…".

- A. S. Rahul, Daimler Chrysler Research India img

"I am thrilled by the new paradigm that SQC has heralded using CMM models...when no one else talked about nothing other than “certification” when we think of CMM…."

- Damodar Padhi, GE Engineering Analysis Center, (JFW Tech Center, Bangalore)

"Very good session..I never believed in process…now it has made the difference….”

- A Participant (Project Manager)

"Had a very sensible and practical approach with detailed case studies rather than slide shows…..”

- Aji John, Nous Infosystems on a CMMI Training

“We have seen a new type of quality leadership in them….(SQC)…we need to learn so much from them ….”

- G. P. Nagaraj, CEO, L & T EmSyS, Mysore

“We are not stopping here at Level 3…..we march forward with moving to L4 and L5 with SQC, with their in-depth high maturity experience that is pragmatic and Agile as opposed to theory…."

- CEO of a Multinational Fortune 500 Conglomerate

“We have seen so much value-add by associating with SQC for our high maturity journey… needless to say we will continue our partnership with them for our improvement journey with CMMI Level 5 as the next milestone..”

- DVS Raju, CMD, VisualSoft Technologies, Hyderabad, The Business Standard

"Working with SQC has been such an immense learning and a very pragmatic experience in bringing the CMMI to real world situations in Defense and Federal sector that we are in..”

- A Major Defense Contractor

SQC must be the best ….so to implement good engineering practices you need the best…
and nothing less…

- V. Meher, IBSS Solutions

"SQC's "no-nonsense" and practical approach makes all the difference compared to the run-of-the mill appraisal partners…."

- Major Healthcare IT Federal Contractor