SQC provides you with strategic consulting and IT services in the areas of Software Quality Assurance and Software Process Improvement. Our support enables diagnosing your current process strengths and weaknesses, developing and facilitating establishment of Action plans to address pain areas, staff augment your resources for SQA and Process Improvement, and facilitate improvement.

Our engagements under this practice include:

Training and Education

SQC provides a wide variety of IT Training related to Technical and Process domains. With partnerships with some of the World Leading Training provides like iCarnegie (, Software Engineering Institute (, CMMI Institute, & the Business Development Institute (, SQC provides flexible methods of on-site, face2face, Video based or Virtual training programs in an entire suite of topics ranging from Software Engineering, to Business Development & Software Process Improvement. Our training suite includes:

  • Model based training, such as the CMMI® Product Suite, including the new CMMI V2.0 – Certified training for Appraisal Teams, or Intro training for Practitioners or Executive briefings for management and key stakeholders
  • High Maturity Practices
  • Software Engineering Estimation Methods
  • Metrics for Performance Excellence
  • Effective SQA Practices
  • Improving Decision Quality in IT Organizations
  • Writing Winning Proposals (WWP)
  • Introduction to the BD-CMM
  • iCarnegie's full suite of courses (Software Architecture, Managing Technical People, Managing Software Development and Executive Courses)

All of our courses are PMI® certified., and also carry PDUs for use in maintaining any of your other industry certifications or credentials.

IT Process Appraisals & Assessments

Assessments are a diagnostic tool to analyze the current practices in an organization & identify areas for improvement. We offer a full range of assessments, which include

CMMI Institute/Carnegie Mellon University Authorized SCAMPI Class A, B & C Appraisals (SM) - Standard CMMI based Assessment Method for Process Improvement using CMMI - DEV, CMMI-SVC or CMMI-ACQ constellations

  • SQC Mini-Assessments™ (Gap Analysis)
  • Quick Looks by SQC trained assessors for process "health check"
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Audits and Certification.
  • ISO 15504/SPICE based Appraisals–Led by iNTACS certified SPICE Assessors (ISO/SPICE)

IT Consulting and Benchmarking on Measurements & Metrics Analysis Initiatives

SQC provides high end consulting to all types and sizes of organizations in setting up the right measurements criteria both on the product and process areas.

Measuring the quality of processes and products is not a very easy task. Traditionally, various high maturity organizations have defined an organization’s Metrics Program at the initial stages their improvement initiatives. Also, it is important that the data collected co-relates to the business objectives. Senior Managers often find it hard to balance between the short-term project needs and the longer-term process improvement goals.

SQC offers consulting and facilitation on industry methods such as the Goal-Question-Metrics (GQM) approach invented by Victor Basili, and to develop and sustain a measurement capability that meets management and business objectives.

Our Performance Benchmarking and Assessment service delivers World Class solutions to clients that want to assess project performance against world class industry benchmarks, and improve their Processes.

IT consulting services

SQC provides IT consulting services that includes the following:

  • Aligning Business Goals and Process Improvement objectives.
  • Model based Process Definition Consulting (CMMI, ISO/SPICE)
  • Building High Maturity processes and facilitating process improvement.
  • Sustaining Process Improvement


SQC's proposal specialists, trainers, and process designers are recognized leaders in developing today's standards for proposal strategy and business acquisition. We offer a unique mix of consulting, training, and process implementation expertise tailored to meet each client's requirements.

Our engagements under this practice include:

Skills Transfer Coaching

Professional Accreditation through Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP).

Sales and Bid Training

Based on best practices and "common sense", not some "Theory" published in some book.

Proposal Development and Capture Planning.

Whether you need a complete, end-to-end proposal team or a few specialists to augment your staff, we will help you win, efficiently and effectively.

Process Improvement and Management, including the entire BD- Lifecycle through our partnership with Business Development Institute International.

SQC provides a proven approach to improving business development process through assessment, design, development, implementation, and evaluation.

Post-Award Support

With help from SQC, clients transition from proposal to program execution without losing momentum - we reduce the risk of program cost overruns and failure.

Business Dev Process Improvement And Benchmarking

The BD-CMM is the only and premier improvement model for establishing baselines against corporate BD capability and effectiveness, developing action plans and process improvements to the BD lifecycle across the key BD process categories of Customer, Focus, People and Capabilities.

The BD-CMM was originally developed and maintained by the Business Development Institute (BD-Institute International), now called the BD-Institute International, focused on research and development in BD and on fostering an improving BD community of practice around the World. The BD-Institute International is the world's leading and only authority established with this charter with support from several leading industry players in this area.

SQC is the Exclusive and Sole partner for the BD-Institute International in South East Asia selected by BD-Institute International based on due-diligence and our reputation, ability to demonstrate and deliver the highest quality services and products in the BD domain, integrity, growth, and expertise in our chosen area of specialization, and SQC has developed the capability to provide a suite of products and services around the BD-CMM and Business Development Process Improvement.

To learn more about what our BD-Improve® Practice can do for your organization, contact us.

Our engagements under this practice include:

Training programs

  • Executive Overviews to BD Process Improvement and the BD-CMM (Half Day, One Day and Three Day courses)
  • Practitioner’s Overview to the BD-CMM (2 Day courses)
  • BD-Institute International Authorized Intro to BD-CMM (3 Day workshop)


  • BD-CMM Based Class B/C Appraisals with the BD-CMM Starter Kit®
  • BD-Institute International authorized/Accredited BD-CMM Class A Appraisals

Subject Matter Training

In partnership with several leading BD-Institute International approved providers, SQC has the capability to offer specialized training in areas such as Writing Winning Proposals, Proposal Management skills, Negotiation skills, BD-Processes in Small and Medium Settings and so on.

Consulting and Process Improvement Services

  • BD CMM based Action Planning and Improvement Planning
  • On-going support to facilitate, implement and measure BD process improvement
  • BD-Metrics Definition and Implementation

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

In the contemporary era of Knowledge Process Outsourcing and Offshoring, SQC offers services to the IT industry in the areas of Proposal and Bid services.

Call us today to accelerate your win rates and improve your Proposal and Bid processes: Write to us at: for a consultation.

Our engagements under this practice include:

Proposal Development Guidance and Training

SQC’s team engages with the client’s business development team to define a detailed Proposal and Capture management process for their organization, right from pre bid meeting process and right through the process until the completion of the proposal. The proposal development process is based on Business Development Institute (BD-Institute International) methodologies, coupled with tools for metrics measurements and process management.

We start by listening and understanding the client’s current proposal development practices and carefully evaluates the processes/practices that can be improved or non-existent. The engagement grows from this arrangement, injecting process improvements and incorporation of best practices from time to time. All this is done at a pace, which is comfortable, with benefits accruing right from the 1st proposal that follows this improved process. Engage with us to see the difference!

BD-Metrics Definition and Measurement System Establishment

SQC works with client’s BD team to take a look at existing BD measures and metrics., educates and trains on Industry leading metrics, including from updated benchmarks and reports published on the Metrics in the BD body of knowledge in the Industry, and engages to create a comprehensive set of BD measures and metrics, facilitate establishment of a measurement system and to institutionalize it. The ultimate goal is to see how our engagement in the entire set of practices here, help you in realizing better, smarter and more efficient wins, thereby improving Win-rates!


ProShop is SQC’s proposal management practice for outsourcing the proposal development effort. The practice involves a high level engagement with clients to conceptualize, design and develop quality proposals for high value contracts.

SQC ProShop team engages with the client’s business development team right from pre bid meeting and works in tandem right through the process until the completion of the proposal. The proposal development process is based on Business Development Institute (BD-Institute International) methodologies, coupled with tools for metrics measurements and process management.

ProShop starts with understanding the client’s current proposal development practices and carefully evaluates the processes that can be initially off-shored. The engagement grows from this arrangement, injecting process improvements and incorporation of best practices from time to time. All this is done at a pace which is comfortable, with benefits accruing right from the 1st off-shored proposal.


We will work with you to provide Cybersecurity services as described below:


Training and Learning on the NIST-800 171 and the CMMC model – Webinars or at your offices, suited to your needs. From the initial Executive briefs to the detailed training.

Health Check and Understanding Your Existing Cyber-Health and Hygiene:

A Cyber hygiene health check(aka, Gap Analysis by many) identifies your current strengths and weaknesses in your existing practices on Cybersecurity, including vulnerability, and all the standard’s controls mapped vis-à-vis your practices. This helps you and leaves you with a clear understanding of where you are., so we can facilitate a “where you want to be” roadmap and schedule, and assign appropriate resources to the task.

Remedial Action Planning and Implementation Facilitation

As in our usual improvement consulting practices for other models., we then leverage your teams and resources, providing wherever the deficient needs are, and augmenting with our expertise and resources to get you implementing the controls in the standards., and get you well on your way to being ready for a formal CMMC audit/assessment., and leaving you stronger than you were.

CMMC Audit/Assessments

Being a certified provider of CMMI appraisal services., we are also working towards being a CMMC certified third party auditor/independent appraisal company. We will conduct all required audit activities under the CMMC model.

Sustainment of Cybersecurity Hygiene

Now you will have the tools and processes ready, to enable you to be much more resilient to incidents and manage them, even if there is one. We help your teams to ensure they have the reporting and monitoring tools required to deal with incidents or breaches, as needed by DoD, and of course, to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Take a look at the draft of the CMMC model and the different levels here:

Note: Will be updated based on official releases to the model.