A Guide to Scrum and CMMI: Improving Agile Performance with CMMI

November 12, 2017
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The CMMI® Institute is announced the publication of   A Guide to Scrum and CMMI:  Improving Agile Performance with CMMI.  The Guide is being published to help users adopt and implement CMMI to improve performance in agile organizations.  

You may have noticed that CMMI is being used increasingly around the world to build scalable, resilient high performance organizations and empower those organizations to deliver on the promises of agile.  In fact, adoption of CMMI in organizations using agile is steadily increasing. Did you know that in 2015, CMMI Institute estimated that over 70% of CMMI appraised organizations reported using one or more agile methodology?

The CMMI Institute published A Guide to Scrum and CMMI:  Improving Agile Performance with CMMI to meet these market demands. The Guide presents a roadmap to successfully adopt and implement Scrum and CMMI together in environments that use agile ceremonies.

Download the Guide to learn how you can better:

  • Understand how to implement CMMI in an agile environment.
  • Strengthen agile ceremonies, techniques, and values with CMMI.
  • Use CMMI to scale and improve agile performance across the enterprise.
  • Conduct CMMI appraisals in an agile organization that uses Scrum.

You can download the Free Guide here: http://cmmiinstitute.com/cmmi-and-agile.


Source: CMMI Institute 

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