New Tool from CMMI Institute and ISACA!

February 28, 2017
Team SQC, Uncategorized

CMMI Institute is pleased to announce a new free tool connecting ISACA's COBIT® 5 framework and CMMI® capability improvement models.  The COBIT 5/CMMI Practices Pathway Tool provides business IT practitioners with guidance on how to deliver additional value to stakeholders by strengthening process designs.   Users will be able to utilize organizational resources more effectively, measure performance more accurately, and lower costs through stronger governance. 

ISACA acquired CMMI Institute in 2016 in anticipation of joining forces to help organizations optimize their technology, deliver greater value to stakeholders, and improve business performance.  The COBIT 5/CMMI Practices Pathway Tool is one of the ways in which the two organizations are working together.   

As you may know, COBIT 5 is the leading framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT. The framework links business and IT goals while helping users become more thorough in addressing risk management.  And, when used with CMMI, organizations can identify the key capabilities in their governance practices that drive meaningful results. CMMI provides a roadmap for developing, improving, and sustaining business performance.

The COBIT 5/CMMI Practices Pathway Tool is bi-directional, allowing practitioners to connect individual practices or sets of practices from either COBIT 5 or CMMI and harmonize them with relevant practices from the other. You can search content by domain, process area, or practice. While COBIT was developed with IT and product development in mind, the tool allows COBIT concepts and practices to be easily applied to service organizations.

The tool comes with a supplementary guide explaining how it can be best put to use. According to the guide, "the most relevant connection points between the CMMI and COBIT 5 models are practices. While there are absolutely synergies at higher levels, each individual practice is potentially an area where practitioners can derive benefit from harmonization of COBIT 5 and CMMI." Access the COBIT 5/CMMI Practices Pathway Tool now.

Source: CMMI Institute