Press Release - ISACA® Acquires Global Capability Maturity Leader CMMI® Institute

November 1, 2016
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Starting today, CMMI® Institute has been acquired and will operate as a subsidiary under ISACA®, the not-for-profit, professional association for IT governance, assurance and cybersecurity professionals based out of Chicago. 

By joining forces, our two organizations will raise the level of enterprise-wide performance for existing and prospective members, partners, and customers.

With a 28% increase in US penetration and 17% increase globally in organizations earning a CMMI® maturity level rating in 2015, CMMI® Institute is serving more organizations year over year.  ISACA® will continue to support CMMI® Institute and our mission to build and improve capability through our Partner organizations.  

In ISACA®, CMMI® Institute found an opportunity to combine resources for building a stronger portfolio of enterprise solutions and professional development for those serving in the functions of information systems governance, data management governance, and software and systems engineering.

CMMI® Institute is a natural fit with ISACA® and we are very excited to grow with them. Together, we'll expand our global customer bases and accelerate the pace of capability improvement and high maturity operations in their organizations.

ISACA® and CMMI® Institute will continue to operate separately, with CMMI® Institute operating as a subsidiary of ISACA®


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