Industry Watch: CMMI asks, 'How YOU Doin'?'

July 1, 2016
Team SQC, Uncategorized

Good software requires a good process for creating it. Good software that meets the needs of the business requires an even better process.

That's the goal of the CMMI Institute, to make sure that organizations are tracking what they do so their performance improves.

The CMMI-Capability Maturity Model Integration-originated at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, part of a federally funded research program focused on supporting defense research. In 2012, the CMMI Institute set up independently, and its focus turned to building capability and elevating operations. The model was created to give organizations a benchmark against which they could measure their own effectiveness-originally in its process for developing quality software, but now with more of an eye to making the complete enterprise more effective. Read More 


Source:SD Times