Welcome and Curtain Raiser!!

April 6, 2009
Team SQC, Uncategorized

Welcome to the official blog of Software Quality Center (SQC). We are a US based IT consulting company with presence in India.

Our areas of work include Software & Software-intensive Systems Quality Assurance (SQA) & Software Process Improvement (SPI), Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) in the areas of software quality, Proposal Management and Business Development best practices (powered by Shipley, APMP and the Business Development Institute).

Through this blog we aim to provide useful and relevant information on process engineering and implementation, software quality, best practices in software engineering and systems engineering, the world of business development best practices, Proposal writing and writing winning proposals.

Within the boundaries of our busy schedules, we shall aim to update this blog at-least every week.

We look forward to engaging with you on this blog and would love to receive your thoughts, suggestions and comments. Do feel free to write to us via the comments for any relevant area that you wish us to explore.

Our next article will focus on a very new topic of the an emerging industry standard - the CMMI(R) for the Services industry. Hope to see you then.

(R): CMMI is registered in the US PTO by Carnegie Mellon University.